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The First Online Mashup Music Festival

I love emergent behavior inside web services. When the users take over and start doing stuff you never imagined, you know you've got something.

Next week, on Dec 7th, the core users of Turntable's three mashup rooms are hosting an online event with some of the top mashup DJs in the world.

Here are the details:

Dec 7th 8-11 PM EST All Mashup rooms – Mashupfm1, Mashupfm2, and the Mashupfm VIP room – are hosting what could be Turntable's, and possibly the internet's, first online Music "festival"

20+ DJs including:
3LAU, Yoni, Basic Physics, DJ Trademark, Kap Slap, DJ DiBella, Wick-It, Desler, Bruneaux, DJ abSRD, Dotcom, DJ Graycat, DJ Strongarm, DJ Rudy, The Airport District, DJ Bahler, Nammo, Mitch-Mash and More

These mashup rooms are some of the most fun rooms in the turntable service. You get crazy stuff in them all the time. Here's my favorite of them if you want to check it out in advance.

I've got this in my calendar. Hope to see you there.

Note: An earlier version of this post had the event from 3pm to 8pm eastern. That was incorrect. I apologize for the error.