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Announcing AVC Meetups Everywhere

This is my 5,000th blog post here at AVC. In celebration of this fact, I am announcing a new feature for this community. We are going to host AVC Meetups everywhere that you would like to do them.

To kick this off, I have created a Meetup Everywhere page for this community and populated it with the 50 most active cities worldwide (38 in the US, 12 outside the US). I have scheduled a Meetup in each city for June 6th at 3pm.

If you want to do a Meetup in your community at anytime or anyplace, you can click on the red button on the left sidebar of the Meetup Everywhere page or just go here. You don't have to do your Meetup on June 6th at 3pm, you can do it anytime you want. I just wanted to get things started with a bunch of Meetups around the world on June 6th.

If you want to organize one of the 50 Meetups I've scheduled, click on the link to that Meetup and then click on the "organize this Meetup" link and go. We need organizers for these Meetups so please think about doing that.

Just to be clear, a Meetup does not have to be a big fancy event. It is often just a few people (three or four) getting together over a cup of coffee to chat. So don't think you have to run a big party to organize a Meetup.

By now, it is probably not lost on you that Meetups Everywhere is a new feature being launched today by our portfolio company Meetup. This community is one of many that are using this new feature to bring all the relationships that are getting built online into the real world. I am very excited about Meetup Everywhere and what it can do to facilitate even more Meetups and real world relationships. As Scott Heiferman, founder of Meetup, is fond of saying, "the internet is a great tool to get people off the internet."

If you are developer and want to build something on top of Meetup Everywhere, here is the api. I'm told it is pretty powerful.

So let's get to it and start creating AVC Meetups.

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