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Mobile First Web Second (continued)

PandoDaily has it right in this post. Mobile usage of many categories has surpassed web usage. Games and Social Networking are absolutely in this category. Others are headed there fast.

This post by our portfolio company Flurry, which is the leader in mobile analytics, has some good data on that front. News and entertaiment are probably next.

Yesterday I left a meeting and I wanted to update our "deal log" on google docs. Normally I would go back to my office, go to google docs in my browser, and make that update. But for some reason, I decided just to open google drive on my android, make the entry, and be done with it. It was easier and I did it in real-time.

That's the thing about mobile. It is always with you. And developers and designers are getting really good at making the experiences on the small screen simple and easy enough that you can and will use them instead of the big screen.

I've seen my kids make this move over the past year and written about that many times here at AVC. But I am also seeing myself make that move more and more. As PandoDaily says, the web 2.0 era is in decline and mobile has arrived as the dominant user interface to the Internet. That's a big deal.