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Getting Your Money's Worth At The Movies

Waiting for superman Waiting For Superman opened yesterday in NYC and LA and will roll out to additional cities next weekend. I blogged about this film a few weeks ago after I saw it in a screening. I encourage everyone to go see this film.

If you do go see it, please purchase your tickets at Fandango or Because if you buy a ticket to the movie via those two services, you will get a $15 gift card to make a donation to the classroom of your choice via Think about that. You buy a ticket for less than $15 and you get the ticket plus $15 to give away back. As Charles Best, founder of DonorsChoose puts it,

the first movie where every dollar you spend on a ticket will be handed right back to you to go do something about what you’ve just seen

Donors Choose raised millions of dollars in a special campaign to fund these gift cards. They know that people will walk out of this film and they will be upset and they will want to do something about it. A Donors Choose gift card will let them do something positive right away.

The Gotham Gal told me that she always "tops up" the Donors Choose gift cards she gets. I do that too. So it is likely that the $15 of gift capital will be matched by much more as hundreds of thousands of new Donors Choose backers arrive at the site in the coming weeks.

As a Board member of Donors Choose, I am so proud of what they are doing here. Next month, we will do the annual AVC campaign for Donors Choose. I have something special planned for that. I think you all are going to really like it.

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