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Bits Interview

One of my favorite bloggers is Nick Bilton who blogs about tech for the NY Times. He covers the basics, like Twitter's purchase of Smallthought last week, but also blogs about cool stuff you might not know about like this story about an MIT Fellow who is using kites and balloons to record the impact of the spill.

So when Nick asked me a few weeks ago if I would sit down with him and do an interview, I said yes. I don't really like being profiled much. I would prefer people write about the entrepreneurs we back and the companies they build. That's where the interesting stories are.

Nick's a good reporter and he got me to talk about being broke right before hitting it big with Geocities in the late 90s, falling in love in college and following the Gotham Gal to NYC, and why my refusal to carry an iPhone is a "political statement."

The interview is up at the New York Times. Check it out and let me know what you think.

PS – I really dig that the Times decorated the post with a CC licensed photo taken by our friend Joi Ito in the back booth at Tarallucci last year.

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