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Fun Friday: Exercise Routines

The past four fun fridays, we've discussed movies, books, and music. I enjoy the discussions these fun fridays create. It's a different vibe from the normal talk of tech, business, startups, etc, etc.

Yesterday I had my annual physical. My doctor gave me a clean bill of health. He asked what I do to exercise. I told him yoga, biking, and the elliptical when it's too cold to bike outside. He suggested I ditch the elliptical and do a spinning class when it's cold outside. So I'm now re-thinking my exercise routine.

I do yoga for flexibility, strength, and to keep my upper back, shoulders, and neck pain free. I do yoga at least twice a week. I bike because I love being out on the bike, the wind in my face, and the amazing feeling you get after a thirty mile bike ride. But I don't enjoy biking when its less than fifty degrees outside. So I guess I'm headed back to spinning class to get that cardio and pulmonary benefit when it's cold outside.

So that's what I do. I try to exercise at least four times a week for at least an hour each time.

What do all of you do? And why?

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