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Predictions and Prognostications

I've read a lot of predictions and prognostications for 2011 in the tech blogs this weekend. My favorite is this presentation that Paul Kedrosky sent me from the big marketing agency JWT.

Too many of the predictions I read in the tech blogs are focused on the narrow tech world, some are focused largely on Apple, Google, and Facebook. There's a lot more out there than tech, and it is the intersection of tech, internet, society, culture, money, politics, and other important aspects of life that is always the most interesting (and profitable).

That's why I like this deck from JWT. I also like that prediction number one, that 3D printing goes mainstream this year, is a bet we made with our investment in Shapeways. It always feels good to see that others agree with you.

I'm not going to do my own list of predictions so this is the best I can do for you. 

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