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Donors Choose Bloggers Challenge: Going For The Threepeat

For the past two years, this blog community has won the tech category of the Donors Choose Bloggers Challenge, now renamed the Social Media Challenge.

In 2007, we raised $18,538 via 92 donations, and impacted 2,549 public school students.

In 2008, we raised $17,029 via 80 donations and impacted 4,545 public school students.

I would like us to win the tech category again and I’d also like to see if we can break $20k this year.

I am going to try something new in order to make both things happen. In November, I am going to host a Meetup at a public school in lower manhattan that will include some other popular tech bloggers and also some of the public school teachers we are going to help this year. The only way you get into the Meetup is to give something to a public school teacher’s project on this community’s giving page.

This year our community’s giving page is going to be focused on NYC public school teacher projects in the most needy neighborhoods.

Of course you can give to our giving page even if you have no interest or if you can’t make the Meetup. And I’d encourage all of you to start giving right now. I kicked it off with a $100 donation and will continue to make donations as we move through the month. But I won’t win this all by myself. So I will need your help. You can click on this widget or on the banner on the right side of this blog to get started.

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