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The MBA Mondays Curriculum

I've gotten a number of suggestions about turning MBA Mondays (including the amazing comments from all of you) into a textbook. That's not going to happen. I don't want to publish these MBA posts in yesterday's technology. I want to publish them in tomorrow's technology. And I want them to be free and available forever to anyone with an internet connection.

So I am thinking outloud about how best to do that. I am thinking of publishing them in mediawiki or maybe something like Moodle. I want to use open source software that is hosted in the cloud. I am happy to pay for the hosting and probably will do that to insure the content stays online. I want a content/learning management system that can handle the comments which are supplemental to the original posts and that recognizes the supplemental material. I want the comments to include attribution as they do now.

I want the content to be easily, quickly, and tightly searchable. I want it available on any device that contains a web browser. I'd like the content to be optimized for browser based reading devices like android tablets and iPads. And I want the content to be discoverable by any search engine that crawls the web.

I may want to make the content available as an app in the major mobile and web app stores so it can be discovered via those search and discovery mechanisms too.

I think those are my basic requirements. I'd love to get everyone's suggestions and opinions on how I should do this. Please leave them in the comments so I have a single place to browse all of your suggestions.

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