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Fun Sunday: Powder Skiing

I am in Park City with the Gotham Gal and our son and two of his friends. We woke up to fresh snow and its supposed to come down all day. So I'm taking the day off and going powder skiing off the Dreamscape lift where this video below was filmed. We'll be back tomorrow with Jerry Colonna's wrapup post on our Management Team series on MBA Mondays.

The video is about 3:30 long. Do yourself a favor and fast forward 30 seconds to the good stuff.

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Skiing and Startups

I woke up this morning to this awesome blog post by Jeff Atwood of our portfolio company StackOverflow. Jeff says that this scene from Better Off Dead fully explains how they run the company.

Go read the post. It's a good one.

It reminds me of a conversation my partner Brad and I had when we were raising our first USV fund in 2003. We likened the VC business to skiing a mountain for the first time. You get to the top of the mountain and start heading down the cat track looking at one black diamond after another. You don't know the runs and can't see past the first steep. But eventually you pick a run and go for it. You really don't know what you are in for, but you just have to take the run as it comes to you. And when you finish, hopefully still standing, the feeling is awesome.

So I am pleased to see that entrpreneurs, particulary entrpreneurs we are skiing the same run with, see the world the same way we do. Nice post Jeff. I loved it.

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