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From Twitter and Facebook To Boxee

About a month ago, Boxee released a new build. I dutifully installed it but then we moved and it's taken me most of the past month to get my audio and video setup in our new home back to where it was in our old place. This past weekend I got our mac mini set up and loaded up Boxee. And here's what my feed looked like:

Boxee feed

That first video was not shared via Boxee (like the next two were), it came from a friend of my son's via Facebook. It's a pretty funny video from This Just In.

Boxee also pulls videos from your Twitter feed. So now there are multiple ways for videos to get into your Boxee feed. You get videos that are shared by people you follow on Boxee, Facebook, and Twitter.

A few months ago I posted about the Boxee bookmarklet which I use all the time to "watch later." I've stopped interrupting my day watching videos that I come across on the web and email and I load up Boxee after dinner and do my video watching from the comfort of my family room. Now I can do that with Facebook and Twitter too. Very cool. Thanks Boxee.

Also, you should check out that second video called Up There. It is a really neat 13 minute documentary about the people who paint large advertisements on NYC buildings.

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AVC People

Jerry sent me an email last night after a day of exchanging comments with the people on this blog. I replied and explained to him:

there are a couple hundred "regulars" that hang out at AVC

it's like our own little "cheers" without the beer

i get to be woody

One of those regulars, Shana Carp, has made it her objective to create a twitter list of all of the regulars. 

She calls her list AVC people

Thanks Shana.

I've added it to my twitter account. You can do the same here.

If you want to be added to the list, please leave your name and twitter handle in the comments to this post. Shana has graciously offered to keep this list up for at least a few months.

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