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RSS Continued

This is a followup post from yesterday's one on RSS. Two things I want to add.

There is now an RSS feed just for MBA Mondays. It is available in the AVC RSS page. But for all of you who want to separately subscribe to MBA Mondays, here is the MBA Mondays feed. There's your MBA Mondays book everyone 😉

There were a bunch of requests to see the full refer logs for AVC. People wanted to see if engagement differed measurably by source of traffic (with most of the interest in people who click thru from RSS readers). Here are the refer logs for the top 25 referring sites over the past 30 days. If you want to see it larger, click on the image.

Avc referring domains

There are clearly differences but I don't really see any evidence that RSS subscribers are more engaged. The most engaged readers seem to come from TechCrunch! Go figure.