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Jig: What Do You Need?

There are entrepreneurs we love to work with. Joshua Schachter is on that list. When he told us last year he was starting a new company, Tasty Labs, we said "we're in." It wasn't exactly clear what Joshua wanted to build, but we knew it was in the general area of a marketplace for things people need.

Joshua put together a killer team and they started coding stuff up. A product emerged. We've been using it in alpha and beta for a while. It's evolved. And sometime in the past few days, Joshua took the covers off. It is called Jig and it is indeed a marketplace for things people need.

Go take a look. Tell us what you need. Get help with those needs. Pretty simple.

I've got a need posted on Jig. Maybe you can help me with it.

Or maybe you've got a need. Post it and maybe you'll get that need resolved.

That's Jig. I like it. I hope you do too.

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