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Fun Friday: Favorite Productivity Hack

We all have tools that keep us focused, on schedule, getting stuff done. This thread is going to where we share our favorite with each other.

Mine is Lasso.

Disclosure: The Gotham Gal is an investor in Lasso's parent Edison Jr. So I have a financial interest in its success. That said, I think it's awesome.

Lasso is one of those "less is more" hacks that just works. You sync your calendar to Lasso and anytime you have a phone number in a calendar event, Lasso calls you on one of more of your phones, you pick up, and you are connected. It is particularly helpful with conference calls when you don't want to type in all the codes and such. Lasso does it for you.

Lasso is in beta and is a paid service. So it has a few kinks every now and then. But it's still great.

Lasso comes from the same people (in a different life) who brought us phonetag, another amazing productivity hack that I love.

What is your favorite productivity hack?