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The Personal Touch: Social Media Style

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about the way I plan to setup the voice service in our new home.

I'd link to that post but I'm typing this out on my blackberry at 30,000 feet on my way to San Francisco this morning.

That post generated a lot of comments. I can't go online and check but I recall it was close to two hundred.

The discussion helped me out immensely and I want to thank everyone who contributed to the discussion.

In particular, I took away two big things; try to use mobile as the primary voice service in the home, and use ATAs as a bridge between traditional telephony handsets and SIP/VOIP.

Both of those takeaways are going to make it into whatever we end up doing.

I still plan to use a cloud PBX provider to host and route our numbers and calls and provide dial tone to the non cell phone handsets in our home.

There were about twenty such providers suggested in the comment thread. I have made a list and am working my way through them.

Three of the suggested providers actually weighed in on the comments. All three avoided pitching their wares and simply offered a name and number to call if I wanted to learn more.

I thought that was a great move by all three and as a result, they are at the top of my list to check out.

I may end up going with some other provider in the end but the social media smarts exhibited by these three providers impressed me and is an example of how social media can and should be part of every company's marketing strategy.

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