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When my son Josh got Tweetie on his iPhone, he simply went to and found every NBA player he could think of, found out if they had a verified account, and if they did, he followed them. That was his follow list (along with me and the gothamal).

But now with Twitter lists, it could be so much easier. TNT has put together this list of NBA players on Twitter. The Twitter iPhone app companies could simply create packaged versions of their apps with lists in them. Imagine the Tweetie NBA Player app. You download it, it comes preloaded with the TNT NBA list, and if that's all you ever want to do on Twitter, you are done. Of course, you can add more people, tweet, and retweet if you'd like.

Maybe this has already happened. If so, please point me to it. If not, I'd like to see someone do this.

PS – I'm not the only one thinking about lists this morning. Scoble has a really good post on lists on his blog right now.

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