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Last week, I was at the gym going through my twitter followers on my phone and coming across so many links that I wanted to click on. But being on my phone, I was reluctant to click on the links and live with the 30 seconds of wait time that is the mobile web (at least on my phone).

So I started thinking that I needed a web app just for links and then tweeted this message:

Is there a 3rd
party twitter app that builds a link page based on my follows? If not,
someone should build it. It would be my start page.

And of course, someone did build it. A bunch of people built something based on that tweet and I have not done a good job of keeping track of them all.

The first one to get my attention was built by Doug Estadt and was custom built for me. Here it is. Doug, who is also behind DateTwit, has now "commercialized" the app he built for me and it is called Twitrollr. Although the functionality is the same in my custom app and Twitrollr, I vastly prefer the UI of my custom app.

The next one to come to my attention is called Tweetlinx. It does basically the same thing but the UI is a bit different.

And then Ivan Kirigin, who created TipJoy, tipped me off to Tweetsip which uses the Hacker News UI. I like it very much.

Ivan also pointed out that these apps are quite easy to build and will likely end up being a feature:

I'm sure you must be getting a deluge of people saying "ohh I made
something this". That's because it's a compelling app. Look for it in
twitter clients soon. Someone should just build it up as a service to
feed into the clients, to make it another column in tweetdeck.

I think I'll continue to use my custom app for now since it works best for me. But there are some other good options out there for others who want an app like this. And hopefully we will see this offered as a feature in twitter clients soon.

The fact is that twitter has become the best source of links for me and, at times, I am too busy to go through my entire feed and just want the links. Now I can do that. Thanks to everyone who hacked something together based on my tweet. If I've left anyone out, please leave a link to your app in the comments and I'll revise this post to include it as well.

Update: Here are some additional apps that were mentioned in the comments:


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