The AudienceMatch Network

Some of the comments on my blog accuse me of “talking up my game” which means i am using this blog to promote my own investments. I proudly plead “guilty as charged” to that. Dave Morgan, the CEO of Tacoda Systems says that “fred wears his investments on his sleeve”. I think that’s the best way to be in the venture business. Until they prove to be mistakes (which some do), i’ll support my investments as hard as i can.

Speaking of Tacoda Systems, Rafat Ali has a nice post on Tacoda’s new AudienceMatch network. I think this is a big deal. Contextual networks like Google’s AdSense and Kanoodle are all the rage these days, but i think behavioral targeting is likely to outperform contextual and i look forward to seeing how Tacoda and its competitors do with these new networks.

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