43 Today

Yup. I was born on a hot and sweaty in mid-August 1961. At least that’s the way my mom tells it. I don’t remember it.

In celebration of the occasion, I am taking the day off from work and going to pick up my kids from summer camp. It’s the best present I could get, my three kids back from almost eight weeks of fun without me.

In honor of this momentus day, I’ve made a small change on this blog.

I’ve had the same author photo since I started this blog almost a year ago. Me and Josh going up the mountain at Beaver Creek in the early evening to eat at Beano’s. That was a great photo.

I am replacing it with another photo of me and Josh from last month at camp visiting day. It’s also a great photo, featuring Josh’s favorite band, The Ramones, on his shirt, and a big smile on his face. I think I’ll leave this one up until I turn 44.

#Random Posts