Blogging Garden State

The title of this post could mean a lot of things these days.

It could be a description of Jeff Jarvis’ life 🙂

It could be a description of how news of the McGreevy affair broke.

But in this case, its about a movie and a blog.

Specifically a movie called Garden State that The Gotham Gal and I went to see this weekend with a friend.

The Gotham Gal loved it. It’s a great movie to take a wife, girlfriend, or any other woman in your life to.

I liked it too. But didn’t love it. The one liners are great. The characters are quirky. And it makes you laugh. I think its a young person’s movie to a degree. A lot more Gen Y than Baby Boomer. But fun nonetheless.

The soundtrack is great. I bought it after seeing the movie.

But possibly the coolest of all is that Zach Braff, the writer, star, and director of the movie has been blogging his life and the movie for the past 3 weeks. It’s certainly another way to promote the movie, but you can read his thoughts on the R rating, the soundtrack, and the McGreevy affair too. I like it.

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