Keane and Snow Patrol

This summer we were at a party at a friend’s house and the Gotham Gal got to talking about the music we like with another guest at the party. After hearing that we like Death Cab, Franz Ferdinand, Coldplay, and others, he recommended two bands, Keane and Snow Patrol.

We went to Amazon bought the Hopes and Fears disc from Keane and the Final Straw disc from Snow Patrol.

Snow Patrol rocks out more. Keane’s got more pop sensibility. Both are worth getting if you like the Coldplay/Death Cab style of music.

Emily and the Gotham Gal prefer Keane. Emily told me they played a couple songs from the Hopes and Fears disc on One Tree Hill this season. That doesn’t surprise me.

Josh and I prefer Snow Patrol. They have an edge that Keane doesn’t have.

Here’s some links to iTunes songs from both records:

Keane (Emily’s two favorite songs on the record)
Somewhere Only We Know
Everybody’s Changing

Snow Patrol
Spitting Games

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