Web 2.0

We drew straws and I got the short one which means my partner Brad got to go to Web 2.0 and I stayed home.

Which is a bummer, because from what I am reading on the blogs, this is a super conference.

I’ve been addicted to Weblog’s Web 2.0 blog and Jeff Jarvis’ blog where he’s been posting all day long on the conference (but no specific page with just the web 2.0 posts).

Marc Cantor’s blogging it and so is Jeremy Zawodny.

There’s a ton of great stuff coming out of this conference. Sure it would be better to be there and soaking it all in. But the great thing about blogs is you don’t have to be there to grok what’s going on.

And that’s the thing about Web X.0.

As Paul sang on Sgt. Pepper’s, “It’s getting better all the time”

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