What was in the water in Minneapolis in the 80s? Some of the all time best alternative rock came out of there. If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know of my obsession with the Replacements, recently rekindled by Steve Goldstein.

But there was more. Husker Du led by Bob Mould who went on to record some great stuff under various other names. Soul Asylum. Gear Daddies. This was the place to be in the early 80s if you liked alternative rock.

Well most of the guys who made this scene gathered last night in Minneapolis to raise money for the Soul Asylum guitarist Karl Mueller. I’ll have to see if the show was recorded and is available in Bit Torrent.

How do I know about the show? Because Jackson clued me in to Bob Mould’s blog.

Now that’s something I’ve got to subscribe to. Bob Mould. What a musical genius he is.

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