MP3 of the Week

On the way back from the Jets/49ers game a couple weeks ago, I played the Franz Ferdinand disc for my brother Ted (aka Jackson). After a couple songs, he said to me, “this sounds like Gang of Four”.

Hit the rewind button. 25 years ago – 1979 – the year I graduated from high school, The Gang of Four released their debut album, Entertainment!.

Since then, numerous important musicians have been influenced by this band and this record. To name a few; U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, and as Ted pointed out, Franz Ferdinand.

I’ve had Entertainment! on my iPod in heavy rotation since that trip home from the Jet’s game two weeks ago and so my favorite track on the record, Not Great Men, is my MP3 of the week.

If you are a Franz Ferdinand fan, you’ll hear the influences immediately.

#My Music