MP3 of the Week

The thanksgiving holiday was an excellent opportunity to listen to a bunch of music.  The two albums that got by far the most airtime were Eminem’s Encore, a favorite of the whole family, and U2’s How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb.

I can’t choose between the two, so I am going to run with two MP3’s of the Week this week.

From Encore, I’ve got to go with the title track and the last and best song on the record.  It’s such a pleasure to hear Dr. Dre and Eminem go at it together with some help from 50 Cent.  Dr. Dre is hip hop’s greatest talent and his two proteges do him justice on this one.

I also have to go with the last track on the U2 record, titled Yahweh .  Bono gets religious on us with this one.  When U2 does these anthem style ballads with the Edge’s guitar cranking in and out, I can’t resist.  Vertigo is getting the airtime right now, but I think Yahweh is the best song on this record.

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