New TypePad Posting Interface

TypePad released a new posting interface sometime in the past 24 hours.  I saw it for the firs time this morning.

Before I tell you how great it is – a digression.  Web-based software and services is a superior way to deliver technology.  TypePad built something new and all I need to get the benefit of it is to log in the way I always do and there it is.  No downloading, no installing, no configuration, no migration.  That’s powerful.

OK, back to TypePad.  The new interface is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).  That is a huge improvement.  When I insert an image, I get to see it right in the posting screen.  It now supports bullets, numbering, indentation, and color.

And it’s got a spell checker!  Nice for us bad typists and bad spellers.

The one thing that’s gone is the quotation format.  I liked that.  I am going to send them an email asking to bring that back.

There’s also an HTML editor which will come in handy as well.

All in all, this is a Big Improvement.  Well done TypePad.

UPDATE:  Michael Sippey, VP Product at TypePad, commented on this post regarding "quotation".  He said:

Just to let you know, the new UI does support blockquote; we’ve adopted the Office-style icons for indent and outdent text. The "increase indent" button will insert a blockquote tag, and the "decrease indent" tag will remove the blockquote tag. The feature also supports nested blockquotes, so that you can quote within quotes, if need be.

I used "increase ident" to put that quote in here.  My recollection (which could well be wrong) was that the indentation used to be on both the right and the left.  This new way is just fine too.

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