Aging Punk Rockers

Byrne Aging punk rockers is clearly the theme of the day

I stopped by the Apple store in Soho on the way back from a meeting today.  If you haven’t been to this store, it is disneyland for a guy like me.

I had to get some accessories for my iPod.  I got in line to check out and David Byrne is in line in front of me, buying essentially the same stuff I am buying plus some blank CDs so he can rip, mix, burn.

Beside the fact that David Byrne is one of the coolest people alive, and a great musician, and in his day one of the best punk rockers ever, he’s a real person, who stands in line, carries a back pack, and buys his own stuff, and is a member of the iPod generation.

I thought for a second about snapping a picture, but decided that I don’t want to be part of the snapperazi, one of the few digital trends that I don’t particularly like.

That was a nice moment in an otherwise hectic day.

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