The Classic

Hpim1418When we travel as a family, we play a lot of cards.

The Gotham Gal’s game is Rummy and she always wins.

My game is Hearts.  I play it with the kids.  And they’ve gotten to be pretty good.  I always try to shoot the moon every time I have a remote chance and this trip they stopped me every time but once.

We must have played a game of hearts every day on this trip.

Those of you who play hearts know the game starts out with the lead of the 2 of clubs.  Every so often, the next three plays are the Ace of clubs, the King of clubs, and the Queen of clubs.  It’s the perfect first hand and we call it The Classic.

This classic hand went down in Knysna on the Garden Route at a very nice place called The Elephant Hide Lodge.

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