The Eels and Mass Hysteria

I was listening to Mass Hysteria on the way to work today.

They have a new podcast dated Wednesday, April 20th.

I have to say that they are my favorite podcast these days.  I listen to all of the podcasts listed on the left column, but Paul and Janine just do it better.  They share a lot about themselves and their family in addition to playing great music.

So the second song they played on this week’s podcast was the new single (called Hey Man) from the new, and as yet unreleased Eels album, titled Blinking Lights and Other Revelations.

The Eels are it as far as I am concerned.  We have four of their records, Daisies, Electro Shock, Beautiful Freak, and the Top 50 candidate Shootenany!

This new record is already in our Amazon shopping cart.

So as I walked up Fifth Avenue toward a breakfast at the Coffee Shop a big smile crept onto my face.  The Eels are back and I have high hopes for this record.

Thanks to Paul and Janine for playing the Eels and also for the mention of this blog at the end of the podcast!  I guess I’ve been sending them some traffic.  Cool.  They deserve it.

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