Positively 10th Street

The sixth Positively 10th Street show is up.

This one is different because the kids aren’t on it.

That’s right, our kids left for camp today.

And they did that without doing one final podcast.

Actually, we were supposed to do this podcast last night as a final
family project before our 2 month separation.

But in the craziness that precedes their departure for camp, we forgot
to do the podcast.

Img_0561So the Gotham Gal and I did this one solo. Which is the format for
the next 7 weeks.
But the kids did leave their song choices with us on the way to the camp bus, so they are on it in spirit.

Here’s a picture of our podcasting studio in Long Island.

On this show, we talked about putting the kids on the bus, what we are going to do in
all of our spare time, lazy summer afternoons, and lots more.

Song List:

Jessica’s Song – Trouble Sleeping – The Perishers

Josh’s Song – Black Dog – Led Zeppelin

Fred’s Song – The Beach – Jonathan Richman

Emily’s Song – The Summer of 69 – Bryan Adams

Joanne’s Song – Sunny Afternoon – The Kinks

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