My 50 Favorite Albums (continued)

I have avoided "best of" albums for obvious reasons on the Top 50 list.

But I can’t help myself as I am running out of choices. I’ve got only eight slots left.

And this one’s gonna go to a "best of" album from probably my all time favorite musician – John Lennon.

Everyone loves the Beatles.  So do I.  But I love John more, way more.  Paul’s songs are too neat and clean for me.  John rocked, he pushed, he screamed, and he told the truth, even when it was brutal.

Unfortunately there are no Beatles albums full of John’s songs.

ShavedfishAnd his solo albums are pretty mixed.  I love Imagine and Plastic Ono Band, but when I am in the mood for John Lennon, I pull out Shaved Fish.

It’s got Cold Turkey on it.  What a great song that is.  I’ll never get addicted to anything after listening to that one.

And its got Imagine, maybe the most powerful song ever written.

And its Instant Karma, Power to the People, Mother, Woman, Whatever Gets You Through The Night, Mind Games, #9 Dream, Happy XMAS, and of course, Give Peace A Chance.

I love John Lennon and I love this record.

I am playing it in vinyl right now.

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