Eric Freeman at Mary Boone

Img_0994_2One of our most favorite painters is Eric Freeman.

We’ve watched Eric’s career develop from the time that we purchased one of his first paintings directly from him in his studio off lower Broadway.  We’ve subsequently purchased several more of his pieces.

You can’t buy directly from Eric anymore and haven’t been able to for some time as he’s hit the big time and is now represented by Mary Boone.

Last night we had the pleasure of seeing Eric’s latest work at Mary’s big space in Chelsea.  It was the perfect venue to see Eric’s work which has always been large and in need of light.

There were two pieces that particularly got me last night.

Freeman1The first is the biggest thing he’s ever done and in my opinion, the best thing he’s ever done.  It is a striking black and white piece that is something like 30 feet wide and 10 feet tall.  That’s a guess.  It  could be larger or smaller.  But whatever, its an amazing piece.  It deserves to be in a museum in my opinion.

This thumbnail does not do the painting justice.  The scale of this work makes it something very unusual and special.

Freeman2The other one I really liked is this piece which is the most colorful thing he’s done to date.  It glows and the red burts out at you.  I love it.

The show is up until October 1st at Mary Boone Chelsea which is at 541 W 24th Street.  If you like this kind of art, go see it.

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