Goodbye AIM and Yahoo Messenger

I’ve had two IM clients for god knows how long, AIM and Yahoo Messenger.

I know its crazy and Charlie‘s been telling me to get Trillian and consolidate IM clients for months now.

But intertia is a powerful force and I’ve been using AIM and Yahoo Messenger without fail for a long long time.

But no more.

Both pissed me off in a single day.

AIM installed and started launching AOL Explorer every time AIM launched.  I spent five minutes trying to figure out how to stop that.  After five minutes, I just got pissed.  AIM is gone from my computer now.

Yahoo Messenger automatically installed the Yahoo toolbar without my consent in Firefox and tried twice to change my start page and my default search field. That’s uncool.  Yahoo Messenger is gone from my computer now too.

Hopefully the folks behind Trillian won’t try any stupid stuff like that and we’ll have a long relationship, like I had with AIM and Yahoo before they messed it up today.

#VC & Technology