I’ve already professed my love of wikis on this blog.

So now I am going to go a bit deeper and start talking about some of the things I love about them.

One of the most useful features on our JotSpot wiki is the ability to forward emails to any page on the wiki.

I am planning a trip next week to the west coast.  I am working on setting up a bunch of meetings.  I wanted everyone in the office to be able to weigh in with suggestions.

So I created a new page, listed the people I want to see, and started using it to organize my trip. Everyone in the office can easily see the list and add or make changes to the list.

Like most people, I am using email to arrange the meetings.

Now with one easy move, I can get the emails into the wiki, and right to the page I want them to be on.

I know that this feature is available in Notes and probably even Outlook.

But we used Notes for years at Flatiron and I never was able to figure out how to make a page and do something like this in less than five minutes with Notes.

I think Wikis are something everyone who runs a small company or department of a larger company ought to look into.

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