Shame_about_rayOne of the best albums to come out of the 1990s is It’s A Shame About Ray from the Lemonheads.

Evan Dando probably had too many Drug Buddies and his career went downhill pretty fast.  But this debut record, which landed on our CD player in 1992 stayed there for a couple years and makes a cameo every now and then, is great punk pop.

The big hit on this record is It’s A Shame About Ray and the cover of Ms. Robinson also got some airplay.  But the softer songs, like Drug Buddie and the country twinged Hannah a& Gabi do it most for me.

I particularly like the backing vocals from Juliana Hatfield on this record. I like the songs where she sings the most.

All in all, its a Rockin’ Stroll.

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