Union Square Sessions

Fred_sessionsWhy am I smiling a mile wide in this photo?

Because there is nothing more fun than learning from some of the smartest people you know.

And we did that yesterday in the first of hopefully many Union Square Sessions events.

When we started our firm, we did a few sandwich lunch get togethers in our conference room where were got 10-15 people who were experts in a particular area and we talked for a couple hours about that area.

Brad had the idea to take it up a notch.  The Gotham Gal came up with the name.  And Charlie and Kerri did most of the work. 

The result was a great day with a bunch of our best friends in the business.

The tagline for yesterday’s event was:

"…a small group of the smartest people we know talking about the
emergence of open, participatory, "peer produced" web services like
craigslist, linux, flickr and del.icio.us and their impact on our
economy and capital markets."

The details of the event, including the attendees, agenda (and soon the entire transcript) are on our public wiki.

Charlie has been blogging some highlights of the event (including some video) on our Union Square Ventures blog.

And I put together this quick 21 photo slideshow on Flickr in case you want a flavor for the people and place.

I am going to post some more on the observations, insights, and conclusions coming out of the event.  We also expect a bit of blogging will go on and I will link to that too.

Stay tuned for more.

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