Top 10 Records of 2005 - Number Seven

This post is going to run on Christmas day.  Merry Christmas everyone.

One of the best gifts we recieved this year was an introduction to the music of Mike Doughty.  It came via a song on Paul and Janine’s Mass Hysteria podcast on June 30th.  Joanne and I heard the song (I Hear The Bells) and turned to each other and said, "who is this guy?".

We got the record, Haughty Melodic, then went to see him play live at The Stephen Talkhouse with Jackson and D, and then found out he grew up right down the street from us at West Point, a number of years behind us.

That sealed it for me. But everyone in the family digs Mike. Jessica and Emily love Madeline and Nine and love to sing along with it when it comes on.  And Joanne has had Mike in heavy rotation for the past six months.

The Amazon reviews say that is is not Mike’s best work. I tend to agree as I prefer Skittish and Rockity Roll, but Haughty Melodic is way more accessible and I think its the best intro to his amazing music. I think Mike is on the cusp of busting out and I can’t wait to watch it happen.

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