A Dialog Instead of A Diary (continued)

Rick posted this comment to my original dialog instead of a diary post:

I wish you’d chime into the comments more often… so it’s more of a "conversation".

And the minute I saw that comment, I realized he was right. I don’t weigh in on the comments very much on this blog.  And so it’s not a true dialog.

I replied:

good point. i tend to blog in the early mornings and then leave the
blog alone most of the day and return to it at night or the next
morning so it’s hard to weigh in when the conversation is happening.

that said, i’ll try to weigh in more, like i just did!

I will try to weigh in more often.  I wish TypePad had a feature like WordPress where the blog author’s comments are shaded so they stand out.  Another reason I wish I was on WordPress these days.  But I am not leaving TypePad.  It’s way too much work and I’d rather spend the scarce time I have commenting more!

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