Penthouse"Here’s what Penthouse sounds like — it sounds like languid, six foot
tall women reaching across a glass topped table for their one cigarette
a month. It sounds like lipstick traces on your cheek alone in a warm
taxicab and the first snowflakes just getting flicked away by the
windshield wipers. It sounds like one single light still softly on at 3
AM in the windows of an otherwise all dark building across Fifth Avenue
from Central Park; awful things happening there perhaps, but you’re
pretty sure not. It’s music that defines all those times you can’t
quite figure out what’s going on, or where it may be headed, but God do
you love it as it’s happening."

These words were written by a reviewer named James Carragher about this record, Penthouse, by Luna.

I should stop right here because that pretty much sums up the record, but I am not going to do that because I have a few things to say about this record myself.

First, Lost In Space is my favorite Luna song of all time and that is saying something.

Second, Dean Wareham is one of my top ten favorite guitar players and that is saying something too.  His solo on 23 Minutes In Brussels on this record sounds like Jerry Garcia and he never sounds like Jerry Garcia.

And finally, I miss this band so much.  They made great music and Penthouse is their masterpiece.

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