Flickr Rocks

  The Arch and The Empire State Building 
  Originally uploaded by fredwilson.

My love affair with Flickr rages on unabated.

I have stopped searching the Internet for images for my blog posts.

I just go to Flickr and do a tag search.

The amount of high quality photographic images that is there is mind blowing to me and many others I talk to.

And when you post one of those photos, you automatically get attribution to the person who took it (see my Eels post from this morning for an example of what I am talking about).

This photo is one I shot last night.  I like it a lot and it shows that even though I am a hack when it comes to photography, even I can take some pretty cool photos now and then.

The community features on Flickr allow them to determine what’s most interesting and surface that to the top making searching even easier.

I know its been said many times that Flickr rocks, but I felt like saying it again this morning because it is so true.

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