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I was going to highlight Charlie Crystal’s comment correcting me on the inspiration for My City of Ruins, but he’s posted something even better. It’s a comment to my I Am Pro Choice post from last week.  Here it is:


I’ve enjoyed your posts for a long time. And then I took a look at
your campaign contributions at I hate doing this,
and I’m likely to get flamed, but here it is.

You say you are pro-choice, but you sent $2100 to Bob Casey’s
campaign for US Senate, and Bob has said he supports a ban on abortion
and overturning Roe v. Wade. He endorsed Judges Alito and Roberts, and
supports keeping the "nuclear option" on the table with Iran (use of
nukes against Iran). He supports continuing the war in Iraq, and says
taking lobbyist money is ok. (Debate in Lancaster, PA).

But you’re pro-choice. That sounds great, but you’re funding an
anti-choice candidate who feels it’s ok to impose his religious views
on the rest of us, and feels it’s ok for the government to intervene in
women’s personal lives.

Put your money where your stated beliefs are. Ask for that
contribution back (and I know why you did it) and right the wrong by
working to KEEP CASEY OUT of the Senate. He’s falling rapidly in the
polls, and can’t beat Santorum. Rove and Santorum haven’t even started
to attack yet.

In the meantime, Chuck Pennacchio is canvassing heavily and has a
great chance of winning. He polls against Santorum better than Casey,
because he gives people something to vote for, not just against.

Support your conscience, support what you believe in. If that’s
backing a candidate like Casey for outrageous claim he can win because
he got a lot of votes against some completely forgettable candidate for
Treasurer, you, sir, challenge the definition of delusional. Nobody
seems to even remember that guy’s name. But hey, it’s the thing to do,
follow the Party, get behind their guy, who, btw, has taken corproate
PAC money from over 200 of the same PACs as Santorum.

So I support your choice to do whatever the hell you want with your
money. But if you’re going to come into my state and fund a candidate,
at least, at LEAST fund the candidate who’s aligned with your beliefs,
or stop posting about yoru support for choice. It’s just hypocritical.

Donate at

Posted by: charlie crystle | May 6, 2006 11:22:53 AM

First let me say that I appreciate the discussion and I have no intention to flame you Charlie for this comment.  And I am glad that exists because we have nothing to hide.  While I am at it, I suggest anyone who cares about this stuff read The Gotham Gal’s post about a fundraiser we did on Thursday night at our house for Claire McCaskill and Sherrod Brown. That event will produce some changes soon in our records on

Second, let me say that Bob Casey asked us to do a fundraiser for him too and we declined and I told his fundraiser that we could not in good conscience ask our friends to come give money to a person who we disagree with on guns and choice.

Third, let me say that I am a Democrat and I want to win. I am sick and tired of our party requiring an orthodoxy of beliefs. All it does is get in the way of winning. We have to create a bigger tent like the Republicans have and accept other views in our party if we have a chance of winning. If we don’t control one single part of our government, our ideals don’t mean a thing because we can’t do anything to protect them.

I don’t agree with Bob Casey on guns or abortion but I’d rather see him in the Senate than Rick Santorum.  That’s the reason he got $2100 from us and I am happy to take any heat you or anyone else want to throw at us for doing that.

Taking back the Senate is our number one goal this year. If you share that view, donate at