Ben Kweller Is Bloody Good (continued)

Last night, literally five minutes after I posted the Ben Kweller Is Bloody Good post, I walked out of our hotel and saw Ben hanging out all by himself in front of the hotel. I said, "Ben" and he turned around and he had blood stains all over his jeans and jean vest. I just shook my head and said, "that was pretty crazy today".  We chatted for about 15-20 minutes and I took a photo of The Gotham Gal and our friend Chana with Ben. I am sure The Gotham Gal will post that on her blog shortly.

Ben was very cool and not too upset about the nosebleed fiasco.

We talked about the new record, which I will say again is amazing. And he told me about the show he does on YouTube called One Minute Pop Song. I watched the shows this morning. Very cool.

My favorite episode is where he tells the story of how his dad taught him to play drums when he was seven years old.

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