Modern Times

A great Bob Dylan record begs to put put on again and again. You never tire of it. Blood On The Tracks. Infidels. Highway 61. Planet Waves. Blonde on Blonde.

Well Bob’s new record, Modern Times, has been begging and getting a lot of airplay in our home since it was released earlier this week.

This is not an in your face record, but it’s a presence that can’t be ignored either. My favorite tunes are the almost eight minute long laid-back Spirit on the Water, the stark ballad, Workingman’s Blues #2, and the Katrina inspired The Levee’s Gonna Break.

The reviews have been outstanding and many are saying that Modern Times is the third in a string of records (Love and Theft and Time Out of Mind) that compares to Dylan’s most productive periods. I think that may be true, but right now, we are enjoying Modern Times. And I expect it’s going to get a lot of airtime this fall.

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