The Raconteurs

  The Raconteurs 
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I went last night with Emily and Jessica to see The Raconteurs at Roseland Ballroom. We got there late because we had curriculum night at the kid’s school. First things first.

So we didn’t have the best view, we stood toward the back near the bar and the grils had to stretch their necks to see. This photo wasn’t taken by me but I do think it was from last night’s show based on what Jack and Brendan are wearing.

These guys rock and they are great. The highlights were the cover of Bowie’s It Ain’t Easy, the explosive version of Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me Down, and Broken Boy Soldiers.

They came back out and did Steady As She Goes for the first encore and then we bolted so the girls could get a good night’s sleep since it was a school night. I hope we didn’t miss something earth shattering.

Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me Down – The Raconteurs

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