Live At The Fillmore East

I logged into Rhapsody this morning to find a picture of the marquee of the Fillmore East with the words Neil Young and Crazy Horse staring at me.

I moved to NYC over ten years after The Fillmore East shut down but I never fail to point out to my kids where it used to be when we are headed down Second Avenue in the east village. It’s one of those places that I consider NY history and I think its important to remember it.

Back to Neil Young and Crazy Horse. The Fillmore East marquee isn’t familiar Neil Young territory for me. So I clicked on the image, hit play, and am now listening to a 6 song live set from Neil and Crazy Horse from the Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere tour recorded at Fillmore East on March 6th and 7th 1970.

The highlight of the record is a 12+ min version of Down By The River featuring Danny Whitten’s searing guitar solos. Wow was Crazy Horse great in that lineup.

Here’s the Rhapsody Link in case you have Rhapsody (you should).

Here is the link to Amazon to pre-order the record which is due out next Tuesday.

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