I Don't Get The Venice Project

  On The Canal In Venice 
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I can’t run The Venice Project software on my macbook, but Andrew gave me a demo of the service yesterday.

The one thing I do like is the desktop app. I am a big fan of web apps, but in this case, I can see a bunch of good reasons why you’d want a desktop app for broadband internet video. You can take over the screen, you can use P2P technologies, you can cache, etc, etc. These guys know how to build desktop apps and they’ve done a nice job with this one.

But the content is nowhere and I don’t see how it gets somewhere. I can’t upload anything to it. I can’t put an RSS feed into it. I am stuck with whatever content they got licensed to showcase.

Even iTunes, lame as it is, allows you to input an RSS feed into the iTunes client.

These are the guys who built Kazaa? Skype? Disruptors?

Not this time, at least not yet.

This is the begging forgiveness thing all over again.

Video on the Internet is not going to be a one way experience, no matter how much anyone wants it to be.

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