Wanted - A Presidential Candidate That Blogs

I picked up the NY Post the other day (yes I read The Post sometimes) and saw an article that talked about Hillary’s "conversation with america" the other night. It was a live chat that featured responses from filtered questions that were emailed in. That’s 1995 Hillary. 2007 is a one to one relationship with the voters. You can’t do that sitting behind a computer and answering filtered emails.

I just checked the exploratory committee websites of Hillary, Obama, Edwards, McCain, and Romney. A few have blogs (or so they call them). Not one of them actually write any posts.

Why? Because they are too busy? Probably. But I can tell you that it doesn’t take that long to bang out a post. I did this one in two minutes.

I want to see a candidate really blog this election cycle. Maybe there is one already. If so, let me know who it is. I want to read it. I don’t care what political party they are in. That will get my attention.