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Etsy, which is one of our portfolio companies, launched Etsy Labs last night with a party that I wish I could have attended but didn’t.

I made it up this morning by visiting Flickr which has a bunch of photos of the event already and will probably have more before the day is out.

It looks like I missed a good time.

Etsy Labs is located in Brooklyn at 325 Gold Street on the 6th Floor. It’s right near the F train and the Q train and is between downtown Brooklyn and DUMBO.

Etsy Labs is a communal creative space where Etsy offers resources, support, and classes to their users and the crafting community at large.


It will be home to parties, trunk shows, seminars, workshops, a lending library, and all other sorts of fantastic things. It has a silkscreen press, a letterpress, film, music, and video production facilities, jewelry making stations, sewing machines, sergers, and so, so much more.

This blog post explains the vision behind Etsy Labs. I hope to visit it soon and if you live in New York and love crafting, you should too.

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