I’ve been listening to this record, Set Yourself on Fire, which came out a couple years ago. It’s from a Canadian band called Stars. They are one more member of the Broken Social Scene scene. Which is maybe how I came upon this. Anyway, I am digging this song called Reunion this morning.

Reunion – Stars – Set Yourself On Fire

Thanks scissorkick for the mp3.

And they have a record called In Our Bedroom After The War that is coming out next month. Gotta check that out.

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  1. Steve Poland

    btw – the new album is already on-sale at iTunes, and it’s superb. Sidenote: I’m in NYC for StartupWeekend Sept 21-23, will you be stopping by?

  2. Neekolas

    Actually, In Our Bedroom After The War is already out on iTunes. It’s not as memorable as Set Yourself On Fire, but it is an excellent listen nonetheless. Personally, I’d take Nightsongs over either of the two newer albums.

  3. TJM

    I’ve had “The Night Starts Here” on repeat this summer…

  4. Fraser

    Great album and I’m anxiously looking forward to the new one from them. My favourite song on the album is One More Night…[this, from a review for Set Yourself on Fire, always makes me laugh: “If you find me a recent album that towers higher with fodder so virtuosically managed and manipulated, I’ll give you 20 dollars and jump in a foreboding body of water from a height.”]

  5. Cortland Coleman

    The DRM~free version of “In our Beds” is available via eMusic. -Cortland (loving disqus)

  6. Julia Wilson

    My favorite Stars song is Elevator Love Letter. Other than that I’m not too crazy about them.

  7. ppearlman

    u just freakin love 3 jangley chords and a melody xtc left on a rug in the studio….

  8. Robert John Ed

    I just discovered this band two days ago and must say I’m quite impressed as of yet. I’ve not yet listened to broken social scene, but hear very good things. Fred, there is a new Weakerthans record next month and I think it’s time you listened to them. They are incredible and are relatively unknown in the mainstream. Canada has some amazing artists (that Neil Young record you’ve recommended is terrific).