Looking For A Killer Sys Admin

Outside.in, a Union Square Ventures portfolio company, is growing rapidly and needs someone to focus on the scaling issues. Here’s the job description.

Outside.in is looking for a system administrator to help us manage our growing collection of web and database servers. We are looking for someone with experience in load balancing and clustering web servers running Ruby on Rails and PHP. You’ll be expected to identify possible bottlenecks and scalability issues before they happen, and work closely with developers to address the problems you find.

Outside.in is located in Brooklyn, NY. If you are interested send an email with your resume to jobs.outside.in.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Andrew Baisley

    I don’t have anyone for this position, but I wanted to quickly note that I am loving Outside.in. I posted about it a few days ago on my blog at: http://www.andrewbaisley.co…I have been looking for a service like this for ages. Google News alerts just doesn’t cut it.

  2. Michael Bailey

    I think that Twitter has proven that ROR doesn’t scale – my free advice to them is to re-write their application using native scalable techniques.

    1. Matt Ittigson

      I don’t think Twitter has proven anything like that. I think Twitter has shown that scaling apps is often about more than choosing a language and framework.http://www.highscalability….